30 December 2007

Santa Baby...

Best Christmas present this year, bar none was the wonderfully generous gift from my husband - a Canon Digital Rebel XT, 8 megapixels of pure joy!

He also bought me a bag, extra battery, 2 gig memory card and a 75-300mm zoom lens.
I've been playing with the camera since the week before Christmas (we opened gifts early to have time to ourselves) and will post pictures soon...

29 December 2007

Almost a real bedroom...

A free weekend would not be complete without a trip to the mothership. And my mothership I of course mean Ikea. Dearborn to Canton is a mere 20 minute trek, filled with anticipation of the joyous shopping to come.Today's mission: FINALLY get a real bed! Not that the boxspring and mattress on the floor, as we have been sleeping for the last 3 years, isn't sufficient - but let's face it, we're grownups now, we need a real bed!

2 cinnamon rolls, 2 hours and several dollars later we had MOST of our bedroom - we were seconds too late from picking up the last headboard and footboard in Aisle 30, Bin 17 but are assured that four more are on the truck unloading tomorrow morning so at 10:00 am we'll have the whole bed!

Since you can't have a bed without a place to put all of your books and...well...general junk, we bought matching sidetables in red:

Light is usually helpful when reading said books - found these really cool brassy table lamp bases and shades (we bought the top shade, white with off-white stitching):

Now if I could just find someone to paint upstairs - of course that would mean I would have to have picked a color!

Oh, and we also bought this great duvet cover (to match the tables of course!):