15 July 2008


A new vehicular era has descended on our household - we say a fond farewell to the Jeep Cherokee and bid the Taurus goodbye (traded in and donated to Habitat for Humanity respectively) and hello to the newest member of the clan:
Still not quite as fun as the Schwinn but I love it nonetheless!

10 July 2008

Beach = Heaven?

Last Thursday we spent the day in Grand Haven at the beach. It was a perfect day - sunny and warm but not humid with a few cloud puffs in the sky. Of course I brought the camera out to play...

Pronto Pups are a Grand Haven legend - where else can you get a homemade corndog for $1.75?

These guys were also out enjoying the weather on their electric beach bikes! Love the crates on the back to carry a towel and good book!
Nothing beats walking on the beach with friends...

02 July 2008

Nouveau Velo

The latest love of my life (I'll admit there are a few) is slightly older, infintely more graceful than I, and goes by the name of Audrey...meet my "new" 1973 Schwinn Suburban 5-speed:

Admittedly the pictures don't do her justice but more to follow. I'm so excited to start riding but between rain and crazy schedules on a short work week, I have yet to do so...hopefully this weekend will allow some quality "get to know you" time with my new ride.
The next big decision is how best to personalize/customize my bike - I definitely want at least a front basket and rear rack but then come the hard choices: wicker or metal? rear basket or panniers? what colors? oh the humanity of it all! I've been reading all of these delicious bicycle style blogs recently (see my faves on the right) and never realized that a bicycle could be such a fashion statement!
In other news:
Tomorrow we are heading west to Grand Haven for a day of beach fun with one of Tim's good friends from boy scouts and his wife. Friday is a big family bash with the in-laws in Sand Lake/Grant. Saturday we head home with Tim's sister Kristin (a stop on her way home to North Carolina). On Saturday we'll take Kristin to CityFest in the New Center where Detroit DJs Stacey Pullen and Derrick Mays are spinning that night - good food and good techno in the D, can you think of anything more delicious?