29 September 2009

Ideal Bite | Chop(stick) Shop

Some amazing ideas - love the recycled chopsticks accessories!

Ideal Bite | Chop(stick) Shop

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28 September 2009

The Girl Effect

It has been a while since I've watched this video but the effect it has is the same. Chills.
Just imagine what can happen when you empower a girl. Imagine the impact a single ray of hope can have on a person. On a community. On a country. On the WORLD.

23 September 2009

The Security Implications of Climate Change

Even saying "we NEED to do SOMETHING" feels cliche when faced with the facts. One would hope that those in positions of power would cease to point fingers and begin a contingency plan. The time when we could point the finger of blame at one group or instance is past - NOW is the time for solutions. NOW is the time to put aside petty differences regarding race, religion and creed and come together as a species to save ourselves.
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21 September 2009

Social Media Revolution

Social media is a revolution. More and more, we are getting our news from the internet rather than the newspaper or a magazine. Application such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc are changing the way we interact with the world. Take, for example the fact that the Huffington Post is now connected with Facebook. Look at how anything you read or watch on the internet can be shared with anywhere from 3 to 30 social media applications. Case in point is this video on YouTube:

16 September 2009

Michael Pollan Says Healthcare Reform Will Fail Unless We Change The Way We Eat

The food system in this country is so far off base it's no surprise that our health care system is also a mess. What boggles the mind is that while there is a tremendous uproar over health care reform, there is barely a peep in mainstream media regarding food production and food security in America. Even if we provide everyone with access to health care (and let's be straightforward, I'm a fan of this idea) if we do not address the causes of increased need for health care, we're simply entering into a viscious cycle that can't be broken. Pollan hits the nail on the head here with the seeminly simple concepts that we 1) are what we eat and 2) all the health care in the world cannot help the man/woman/child who doesn't have access to proper nutrition or even food! It's time we stood up and took control of our futures and it all begins with food.
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15 September 2009

Dying To Work: Human Trafficking and the Construction Industry

I think the sentence that most sticks out for me is this "What good is building a zero energy, carbon neutral complex if unethical labor practices are jeopardizing the lives of those who build this architectural wonder?"

A building fulfills the basic human need of "shelter." But what good is a shelter if it causes harm over good? We have a responsibility to design and construct structures that not only shelter a community but nurture that community. As a society we need to have a more holistic outlook - there will always be a take for every give. What matters is how you balance that give and take in order to give more than you take. Net zero footprint should mean more than energy efficiency.
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08 September 2009

When You Educate A Girl, Everything Changes

Great article and perfect timing with the Architecture for Humanity announcement today regarding education. Education of girls has, sadly, been constantly on the back burner if existant at all on the world stage. Fortunately, wonderful organizations such as Camfed, Oxfam, Pathfinders International, etc have taken this cause and launched it up to a level of consciousness in our society where we must take notice. When you educate a child, when you educate a girl, you change the world.
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Architects Go Back to School and Design the Classroom of the Future

Education IS a basic human right and no child should be told they cannot learn due to sub-par facilities. It is our job as designers and as human beings to create spaces that are functional, beautiful and affordable for the communities they serve so that no child will grow up without an education. The only way we will life communities and countries out of poverty is through education. It's such an easy thing to do and Architecture for Humanity and the Open Architecture Challenge are doing it - Bravo Ladies and Gentlemen. Bravo and Thank you from my children's children.
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02 September 2009

Greening the U.S. Open

This is fantastic! When major entertainment venues make a significant policy change that in turn forces their vendors to also make the same or similar policy change, it proves that we, as socially/ethically conscious consumers, are making a difference. Every small act inspires another small act and around we go until corporate giants such as the USTA and Levy Restaurants are forced to stand up and take notice. Way to go USTA!
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