12 July 2007

If they were looking for a Queen Klutz...I'd win hands down!

I've always been a bit of a klutz...my friends are rolling their eyes right now because we all know that I'm more than a "bit" of a klutz. Never has this been more true than today...

I was letting Reilly out one last time before we went to work this morning, all dressed (cutely too I might add) for work. My heel caught on the sliding door track and down went the Ashley - down two steps and right onto the new patio! Of course my neighbor was in his back yard and calls out "you ok?" What do you say but "Yes" resignedly as you pick yourself up and go inside to cry? I hobble inside and take stock of my injuries -much less skin on my left arm and left shin. Nice big bruise already forming on my right shin and lovely gash on the right palm. And to make matters even better, it pains me to put weight on my left foot. Lovely.

Long story short, Tim sets me up on the couch with a bag of ice on my elevated foot and my computer and cell phone by my side and heads to work - one of us has got to make some money today! When my foot still can't seem to bear any weight around Noon, I google the nearest
Urgent Care center and hop to my car, drive down Ford Road and hop into the center.

The ladies at the Urgent Care center were so nice - even got a wheelchair to push me around from the lobby to the exam room to the x-ray and back so I didn't have to hobble around! X-rays show that I did NOT break anything (BIG sigh of relief here!) but just induced some nice trauma to the foot. There's no need to wrap anything as I didn't hurt a joint, just need to try and stay off the foot as much as I can and take some nice Darvoset!

Well, kids, darvoset is really nice in that it makes you nice and sleepy...I just woke up after a quick 2 hour nap with my computer on my lap, meeting report mid sentence! Can't wait to see how easy it is to work tomorrow on the stuff...either sleepy or in pain...should be fun!

At least it's not broken...

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