04 August 2007

Waspy Chic in Newport

The New York Times had a great article this week on John Peixinho, a decorator that is ever so gently updating the fabulously waspy homes of Newport's elite. There was also a beautiful slide show of homes/interiors, my favorites are shown below (you can see the rest here...)Photos: Tony Cenicola/New York Times

What I love about Mr. Peixinho's work here is that rather than the rather popular "gut and redo" method, he made minor changes to these interiors - new paint here, slipcovers and draperies there, re-arranging furniture and re-using heirloom pieces. Very classic and chic.

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Sarah Jennings said...

I was not able to get into the article, but enjoyed the pictures. I love the term 'high wasp style' - I have seen plenty of that!