29 August 2008

Old Tires Die Hard

I haven't ridden my new(old) bike in a while - really I think I've ridden it only twice since buying it in July - and being as it's a relatively nice evening and Tim was playing video games, I thought I'd take the Schwinn out and go for a ride. Apparently although the gods of weather were giving me a reprieve from the muggy, cloudy, slightly rainy day, the bicycle gods decided that Schwinn tires circa 1973 should not hold air and thus prevent me from my joyfully anticipated ride. To be fair, the tires were looking a little tired when I picked up the bike and the Craigslist guy did say they were a bit old and offer to sell me new tires. Being stubborn however, I declined saying "I'm sure they'll be fine!" Got two rides on the "fine" tires. Brilliant.

As anyone who knows me at all will tell you, I'm a HUGE advocate of Detroit and supporting local business so I'm really excited to have recently discovered (although have yet to visit) Wheelhouse Detroit on the Riverwalk. Wheelhouse is a rather new bicycle rental, repair and retail shop located on the Riverwalk downtown. I love that the whole country seems to be re-discovering bicycling (I know the Europeans have done it forever and are shaking their heads in amazement and this "new movement" in America but hey, at least we're on the boat - late, but on the boat!).

My dream is to one day be able to either ride my bike to work or at least ride my bike to the train station and take a commuter train (hopefully coming soon) to work. Driving is so stressful, not to mention the evils to the environment and I just think that biking and mass transit are so much lovelier options.

Tomorrow we're off to the Grand Traverse Resort in Traverse City for the long weekend and to celebrate out 2 year anniversary...

Dearborn Homecoming Fireworks (c) MyrtleArt Photography

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