02 August 2009


I notice that it's been an obscene amount of time since I have blogged in this space. I'm not really sure why that is - except that I kind of do know...and it's silly.

I psyche myself out about blogging.

Silly, right? I read so many amazing blogs from people whose lives seem so incredibly more interesting than my own that I feel inadequate. Even though I know that I'm the only one reading this blog, I feel that every post needs to contain some significant pearl of wisdom or witty story so when I am unable to think of a topic that fits this "requirement" I feel it's not worthy of time in the blog and thus I do not write. Like I said, silly. This so goes against the very idea of a blog. And yet, I cannot seem to rid myself of this delusion.

I have started Twittering. A lot. I find it to be quite addictive. I also think that maybe Twitter will work as a sort of antibiotic for my blogging insecurities. If I can Tweet several lines of text per day perhaps I can build up to a blog post every few days? Or am I kidding myself?

Why do I find my life so uninteresting? I'm not dissatisfied with my life, per se. Of course there are things that I wish I did or could do, but who doesn't? I don't hate my life - I'm pretty content most of the time. Sure I wish I could just travel around the world for a living. Sure I wish I could just take pictures and eat and drink with the locals and get paid to do this full time. But I do enjoy my job most of the time. I love my dog and my turtle which I couldn't have if I lived out of a suitcase. I like my house although I sometimes wish I lived in some modern loft (or Mies townhouse in Lafayette Park, sigh) with a fabulous view of a skyline. I think I just have the grass is greener syndrome - we all want what someone else has...that's life. I have a good thing going here, I really do.

I just need to work on this blogging thing. Maybe if I actually wrote about what's going on in my life, I would find it's not that boring. Or maybe it is but at least I'd be doing something!

Mid-year Resolution: Blog, damn it!

Riverwalk (c) MyrtleArt Photography

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