16 September 2009

Michael Pollan Says Healthcare Reform Will Fail Unless We Change The Way We Eat

The food system in this country is so far off base it's no surprise that our health care system is also a mess. What boggles the mind is that while there is a tremendous uproar over health care reform, there is barely a peep in mainstream media regarding food production and food security in America. Even if we provide everyone with access to health care (and let's be straightforward, I'm a fan of this idea) if we do not address the causes of increased need for health care, we're simply entering into a viscious cycle that can't be broken. Pollan hits the nail on the head here with the seeminly simple concepts that we 1) are what we eat and 2) all the health care in the world cannot help the man/woman/child who doesn't have access to proper nutrition or even food! It's time we stood up and took control of our futures and it all begins with food.
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