16 May 2007

The joy of boxes

So the big move happened on Saturday and we are still trying to resurface amidst the piles of boxes in the new house. I don't know where, in 2.5 years, we accumulated all of this "stuff" but my was it exhausting to move it all! Two trips with the "medium" size Uhaul, four cars and one small truck load later the apartment was a vast wasteland and the house was a maze of cardboard, furniture and garbage bags loaded with stuff.

I've set the lofty goal for myself of unpacking at least 1-2 boxes per day...an edict I think I have already failed in following! Sunday was a good day - after 9 or so hours the kitchen was at roughly 90% completion. After calling in sick on Monday, I spent part of the morning at the dentist and picking the dog up from the kennel and then unpacked some more...I think it's safe to say the kitchen is probably at 99% now...and the bathroom and hallway closet are pretty much done now too.

Next up is the Dining room (so we can eat at the table rather than on the sun porch) and my office. Really the Dining room consists of carefully unpacking the china and servingware and gingerly arranging it all in the buffet. The Living Room is easy...we just need to get bookshelves from Ikea and get all of the books out of the boxes and we're good to go on that room!

It seems quite daunting at times but it really is fun to arrange things exactly like I want them and to be able to FINALLY design and decorate without feeling temporary or that I don't dare ruin the walls...they're my walls now and I can do what I want...it's a heady feeling, this freedom!

The big Housewarming is scheduled for June 2nd and I'm really hoping that the house will be in some sort of order by then! We are in Baltimore this weekend but I still have all next week, Memorial Day Weekend and the following week so I'm not panicking yet...yet!

Speaking of the party...all jokes aside I do really need to start planning the menu...do I do finger foods accompanied by burgers and dogs on the grill? Do I stick with a theme or do a combination of favorite hors d'oeuvres? Decisions, decisions, decisions...

I think Reilly is definitely enjoying the freedom of a backyard - Finally! And living in a REAL neighborhood where we can take real walks! We took a great walk today with Jess and Andrea (who actually is renting a house just a few blocks away surprisingly!) and it was met with much tailwagging and excited sniffing!

It's now 10:38 and this girl is exhausted so I'm off to bed...another new thing I'm trying...going to bed earlier in hopes of not being so tired all the time...

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