15 June 2007

Sangria Party anyone?

I think I've always wanted to throw a Sangria Party but just didn't know it! Something about just saying "sangria" sounds like summer. And even though I've never had sangria...I know that it would taste of summer...taste of fruit and heat, freshly cut grass and the pavement after it rains, of sweet and just a bit sour...summer.

I've recently discovered that I'm not an adventurous cook...I seem to always gravitate towards the foods and ingredients that I know and take my chances when I bake. I love to read new recipies and watch the Food Network and I want to cook different dishes but somehow do not.

My goal this summer, along with working on the house of course, is to try and cook at least one new dish a week. That shouldn't be too hard right?

I've also decided that my dream, never going to happen, job would to be a freelance Travel/Food writer. It would combine my two favorite things, traveling and eating/cooking...so if anyone knows of a job opening in the field of traveling foodie writers...let me know!

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