20 June 2007

Mini Herb Garden

Tonight it's just me and the pup. Tim is in Port Huron at a work function (that, despite working at the same company, I didn't get to attend) and Jess is at work. It's weird being in the house by myself...I kind of feel like there is stuff I should WANT to do but I feel a bit lost and also tired. Would I be a loser if I went to bed at 9:00? Probably.

I went to English Gardens on my way home from work, they're having a HUGE sale, and bought the fixings for a little herb garden. I purchased a gorgeous ceramic pot for 50% off, potting soil, more fungicide for my poor rose bushes, and herbs: French Lavender, Arugala, Sweet Basil, Oregeno and Rosemary.

After a quick dinner of chicken whole grain rice with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce (don't ask, I'm strange sometimes!) I put the sprinkler on in the front yard and set to work. The plants all fit although I'm sure once they start to spread I'll need a bigger pot or a couple of pots. I planted the Rosemary in the middle and arranged the others around the outside of the pot. Let's hope my luck with plants changes and my little container herb garden thrives - I can't wait for fresh herbs to cook with!

Now I'm off to move the sprinkler...have to water evenly!

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