25 December 2009

Hark, Hear the Bells...

Merry Christmas! I'm sitting in a hotel room in Grand Rapids, MI typing as the icicles drip and form pools of icy patches on the sidewalk - in other words, winter on the West Side. We are 2/3 into our annual "criss-crossing the Mitten Christmas adventure" wherein we take two days (one for each side) and do a whirlwind visit to the family. It's a duet of family gossip, lots of ham, random and sometimes thoughtful gifts, hugs, eggnog and cookies. I love it  but also love that it's only once a year and it only lasts two days.

Photo copyright MyrtleArt Photography

So here's to family, food and fun. Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukah/Merry Festivus/Happy Kwanzaa!

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